Crescent Knob

Crescent Knob

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Sleek and svelte, the Crescent Knob takes the classic beauty of a standard cabinet knob and adds dramatic curves and movement. With a gentle slope from the rounded top of the hardware to the solid base, this lovely piece is a lovely addition to cabinetry in any room of your home.


Solid Brass

Care information

Use mild soap and warm water to clean your brass hardware. Dry it with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cloths/pads, alcohol, or products containing ammonia. Keep in mind that unlacquered brass develops a patina over time, which enhances its natural beauty. To restore polished brass's shine you can use a brass cleaner.


Medium - Diameter: 1.25", Depth: 1.25"
Large - Diameter: 1.5", Depth: 1.25"

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